Saturday, 11 April 2009

Trchkan Waterfall Tour

Trchkan waterfall, situated near the border of Shirak and Lori regions, is only 33 km from Gyumri. It is sometimes called also 'Armenian Niagara'. Here there are also differnt kinds of unique plants and birds registered in the Red Book.

The tour
Meet in Berlin Art Hotel at 9 a.m. Coffee, tea and short introduction to the waterfall tour.

Departure from Berlin Art Hotel at 9:30 a.m.

Special 'Shirak Tours' OLD TIMER BUS and the professional SUPER driver will take us to 6000 years old megaliths near Zuygaghbyur village. Then we'll go on traveling to Trchkan; the road passing through another village Kakavasar, famous for its half-ruined chapel and Karmravor church dating back to 7th c. The whole trip will be accompanied by the comfort of the Old Timer Bus and flavored by the Armenian national tales, legends and other compiling stories. This will help to overcome the difficulties of the long and hard road. At last!

The fabulous panorama of Trchkan waterfall is in front of you.
Lunch near the waterfall and its surrounding area of Getik reservoir, situated on the river Chichkhan. Be ready for adventures!! Those interested can pass the small river Chichkhan on foot, climb to the top of the waterfall and watch it flow or simply enter the cave right behind the waterfall!!! Enjoy your stay in this paradise, take photos and keep the unforgettable memories to share them on the way back!

Necessary clothes

1. Bathing suites
2. towel
3. comfortable shoes or boots
4. special shoes for passing the river

For more details please contact us at Space is limited, hurry up! This is a must-see!!!