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LAND OF KINGS, EMPERORS, PAGANS AND APOSTOLS - walk the land of rich ancient history, enjoy the landscape, the monuments and churches as well as take time to meet people. Everywhere you go in Shirak, there are moments of history. Living testament to the enduring people who have made this land their home. Armenia is hot on the list of "must experience" -

Friday, 17 April 2009


Gyumri-Historical Overview

Although its name has changed from Kumayri to Gyumri, to Alexandrapol, then to
Leninakan and then to Gyumri again, the history of the town illustrates both continuity and innovation. One of the ancient settlements of the Northern Armenia, Gyumri is a town that has a history of over 3,000 years, a town that started the culture of urbanization in Armenia, was the birthplace of Armenian opera, was where, in the Soviet times, the first school of arts opened in the USSR, and had the first university in modern Armenian history. The town was the birthplace of Merkurov and Gyurjieff, Isahakian and Minas, Tigranian and Frunzik. Gyumri is a town which preserves unique specimens of the culture of Armenian urbanization, marvelous architectural complexes, whole traditional quarters, streets, public and commercial buildings, as well as unique fortifications.
There were over 100 different crafts and 34 unions active in Alexandropol in the end of the 19th century. Masons from Alexandropol were invited to build houses in Tbilisi, Baku and Kars, the work of the jewelers from Alexandropol was displayed in international exhibitions and the beer brewed at the Tsaghikians brewery was sold all over the Caucasus.
Gyumri is a town that has seen and survived a disastrous earthquake in 1988 and has also witnessed the love and affection of all the humanity, a town which even today lives and creates despite the large number of unsolved problems and difficulties, which are present for every family in their everyday lives.

Shirak Tours tour company is pleased to offer tours in Gyumri. The tour will give an opportunity to get acquainted with the center of Shirak region, Gyumri, to its culture, traditions and friendly hospitable people. A tour with the professional guide is a unique chance to visit old city Gyumri, its architectural monuments and streets, house-museums of famous Gyumrian writers and actors, as well as the main churches of the city. Just use this chance to come to know Gyumri and its people. For more details please feel free to contact us at

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Gyumri City Old Timer Bus Tour

Bus Tour in Gyumri

After a walking tour in Gyumri, the Old Timer Bus and the professional super driver can take you to a bus tour in Gyumri city.

The Bus Tour will give you an opportunity to learn more about entire Gyumri, not only the city center but also the other buildings and interesting places in the new part of the city.

Thus, you can compare old and new Gyumries, the peculiarities of old and new constructions in the city.

The Bus tour gives a chance to visit much more places and combine all this with the interesting stories, the professional guidance and the relaxing comfort of the Old Timer.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Gyumri-Gusanagyugh-Panik-Spandaryan-Harich Tour

Gusanagyugh is a village situated 18 km south-west of Gyumri. It was founded in 1830 by the emigrants from the Western Armenia. Village is famous for its ruined castle made of black tuf. It was built in 12-13th cc. There is a ruined basilica church, different kinds of cemeteries, fragments of cross stones and many other interesting things in the village.

Here you'll have a chance to visit visual artist Hakob Hoavhanisyan's studio. To learn more about Hakob's works please visit also

Our next stop is village Panik with its 19th c. church. Artist Yesayi Meyroyan's studio and house is in this village. This is a uniques chance to get acquainted with the works of the artist and the people living in the village.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ani, Yereruik and Bardzrashen

Ani, Yereruik and Bardzrashen tour

Bradzrashen is a village in Shirak Region, famous for its wells;
Yereruik basilica (4-5th cc.) is situated on the right bank of the river Akhuryan.

The tour
Meet in Berlin Art hotel at 9:00 a.m.
Coffee, tea and a brief introduction to the tour.

Departure to Bardzrashen at 9:30 a.m.
Special 'Shirak Tours' OLD TIMER BUS and the professional SUPER driver will take us to Bardzrashen first, along the Armenian-Turkish border. We''ll watch the fort Tighnis in Western Armenia and go on traveling. Here is a caravansary situated on the Great Silk Road. Haykadzor village gives us an opportunity to watch the ruins of the old capital Ani with a binocular. Yereruik basilica is in front of you! It dates back to 4-5th cc. , some wall paintings are preserved in the basilica.
Later visit to village Bardzrashen, famous for the deepest wells in Armenia, and a 4th c. church. Watch Akhuryan reservoir and Shirak region from the highest top of the village.
Interesting events are just coming!
Reception in a rural family living in the village since 19th c.
Back to Gyumri full of impressions and desire to return again!

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Monday, 13 April 2009

Marmashen Monastery Complex

Marmashen Tour

The monastery of Marmashen was one of the largest, most important medieval cultural centers of Armenia. Once surrounded by walls, Marmashen now consists of two groups of structures. The first is the main complex with three surviving churches, a ruined gavit, the remains of a large round church and a small chapel. The second group, in the distance to the North has a small 7th century church and an old cemetery.

The tour

Meet in Berlin Art Hotel at 9a.m. Coffee, tea and brief introduction to the tour.
Departure to Marmashen Monastery Complex at 9:30a.m.
'Shirak Tours' OLD TIMER BUS and the professional SUPER driver will take you to Marmashen. A road through village Vahramaberd. At first we'll walk to the ruins of an Urartian fort near Marmashen to watch the 2780 years old preserved inscription of
the King Argishti the First on the rock. Then we'll walk up to Marmashen monastery. Before getting there you'll have an excellent opportunity to watch the volcanic lake near Marmashen.

Take your time to examine the area of the monastery, get acquainted with its story and simply enjoy your stay in this area!!!

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Arpi Lake

Arpi Lake Tour

Lake Arpi is situated in the north-west of Armenia, in Amasia region.

The tour
Meet in Berlin Art Hotel at 9 a.m. Coffee, tea and short introduction to the tour.
Departure from Berlin Art Hotel at 9:30 a.m.

Special 'Shirak Tours' OLD TIMER BUS and the professional SUPER driver will take us to the lake Arpi. A road through the 6000 years old megaliths near village Zuygaghbyur. Village Ardenis -reception in the family of hunter Shakro. A special flower and bird-watching tour guided by the hunter. Introduction to the Lake Arpi and Reservoir.
Just relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of the lake and its surrounding area with different kinds of birds and plants and flowers typical for that region only. Enjoy your stay with friendly people and lovely nature!!!

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Trchkan Waterfall Tour

Trchkan waterfall, situated near the border of Shirak and Lori regions, is only 33 km from Gyumri. It is sometimes called also 'Armenian Niagara'. Here there are also differnt kinds of unique plants and birds registered in the Red Book.

The tour
Meet in Berlin Art Hotel at 9 a.m. Coffee, tea and short introduction to the waterfall tour.

Departure from Berlin Art Hotel at 9:30 a.m.

Special 'Shirak Tours' OLD TIMER BUS and the professional SUPER driver will take us to 6000 years old megaliths near Zuygaghbyur village. Then we'll go on traveling to Trchkan; the road passing through another village Kakavasar, famous for its half-ruined chapel and Karmravor church dating back to 7th c. The whole trip will be accompanied by the comfort of the Old Timer Bus and flavored by the Armenian national tales, legends and other compiling stories. This will help to overcome the difficulties of the long and hard road. At last!

The fabulous panorama of Trchkan waterfall is in front of you.
Lunch near the waterfall and its surrounding area of Getik reservoir, situated on the river Chichkhan. Be ready for adventures!! Those interested can pass the small river Chichkhan on foot, climb to the top of the waterfall and watch it flow or simply enter the cave right behind the waterfall!!! Enjoy your stay in this paradise, take photos and keep the unforgettable memories to share them on the way back!

Necessary clothes

1. Bathing suites
2. towel
3. comfortable shoes or boots
4. special shoes for passing the river

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Cross country skiing in Shirak region

Cross-country ski tours in Shirak Region

Do you want to get away this winter? Join us for an enjoyable and scenic cross-country ski tour in Shirak Region. Come to the Berlin Art Hotel in Gyumri and we will handle all of the arrangements for you.

For more information and prices please visit us at

Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the cross country skiing flavored by the beauty of the nature in Shirak region.

Hurry up!!! Space is limited.